Àmọ̀tẹ́kùn For South East?

By Ikenga Chronicles January 23, 2020

Àmọ̀tẹ́kùn For South East?

— By Agha Egwu

I hear IPOB wants to bring back the Biafran Security Service (BSS) since the Yoruba launched Amotekun. It will be along it’s original objective of providing security information rather than a violent or para-military outfit.

I really think the South East and South South have a lot to learn from the professionalism with which the South West launched their Amotekun. It was way beyond the amateurish, under resourced, fledgling nature that we witnessed of the BSS that made the BSS so easy to sweep away.

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The first question that crosses my mind is can IPOB work with the police like Amotekun? The second question is should it be announced or should it have been prepared fully like the Yoruba did theirs before announcing? The third question is will it be all pervasive and accepted by most Igbos like Amotekun is loved by most Yorubas.

However, there will have to be a sea change within IPOB to even begin to achieve the universal acceptance of Amotekun in the South and Middlebelt.

Before IPOB should organise any security outfit they must first unite all the Governors, all the elites, all the intelligentsia and all the elders. That is how the Yoruba did it and succeeded.

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Unfortunately, many in IPOB are still at the stage of abusing these classes of people leading to division instead of unity. If you ask why do you abuse them, the stock answer by IPOB youths is that they are saboteurs, greedy for Abuja handouts.

There is a saying in English that a bad workman quarrels with his tools. A bad manager blames his workers instead of his or her self. If IPOB wants to lead and unite all Igbos then they must take the full responsibility of leadership which includes patiently changing the minds of those they call saboteurs to become active lovers of the IPOB vision. This cannot be achieved by insult, mockery or accusation – no matter how you feel about them.

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Uniting Igbos is not impossible if IPOB assumes a uniting role rather than seeking an imposing will and demanding leadership. It requires the willingness to work together with all comers and being elevated by the people themselves to lead. It will require great humility, a change of language from aggressive demand to unifying persuasion and a tolerance of those you feel do not match up to IPOB’s moral and crusading standards.

Believe me, it will require more wisdom than oratory.

Ka Chineke gozie okwu.