America Takes Racism To A Nauseating New Level

By Ikenga Chronicles February 12, 2018

America Takes Racism To A Nauseating New Level

Racism has always been a big issue in the United States of America. That is sometimes understandable considering the country’s long history of slavery and the struggle (which is even now still ongoing) by Blacks to attain some level of equality with Whites.

While the election of Barack Obama as the first Black President of the US pointed to perhaps some form of shedding off of the skin of racism, any progress made seems to have been destroyed under the current administration of President Donald Trump.

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It seems that with the emergence of Trump, White supremacists suddenly got bolder and have begun to openly assert the supremacy of the White race over the black race. This of course would not have bothered the world that much, if America had not taken on the mantle of the leader of the “free world” and the champion of democratic institutions. How the leader of the “free world” would become home to racist bigots confounds even the most rudimentary thinker.

The image Mr. Nehlen tweeted

Yet this new recourse to championing White supremacy took a turn for the nauseating when Paul Nehlen, a self-professed White supremacist, who apparently has the complete backing of President Trump, decided to take the muddy path of ridiculing star actress Meghan Markle, by posting the disgusting tweet; “Honey does this tie make my face look pale?”, which was accompanied by a distorted pre-historic Black woman image of Meghan standing beside her fianc√© Prince Harry.

Black Is The New White

Mr. Nehlen is running for Congress as a Republican

It has been claimed that Mr. Nehlen was responding to claims that pre-historic Britons had dark skins. While that excuse sounds as lame as they come, one wonders then why Mr. Nehlen’s target had to be a hugely talented strong Black woman who many say is now at the threshold of making the British royal family a mixed race one. It does not sound like a coincidence that a professed White supremacist will take a shot at tearing down such a woman he definitely will perceive her as a threat to the “pure white blood”!

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While Nehlen should have been dismissed as single overzealous White voice, his romance with President Trump completely destroys that excuse and ultimately projects Nehlen’s actions as representative of the new America.

Perhaps then, nauseating forms of racism is America’s new strategy of making herself great again. That is so sad.