Amelikan Laidi–A Poem By Nnaemeka Oruh

By Ikenga Chronicles November 13, 2017

Amelikan Laidi–A Poem By Nnaemeka Oruh

My Amelikan laidi won’t let me sleep,
Nor read, or tweet or facebook at least.
She is at it at odd hours with vids
Photos and voicenotes
Of the incredibility of America:

“Hey, do you know here rain doesn’t fall on people?
It makes a detour just before their bodies and goes to the drains”

For me, a new wonder to imagine and long for, maybe in vain.

“Here, cars stop abruptly for you to pass,” she says
“Unlike your Africa where bikes crush you on the sidewalks.”

She was in “Africa” two weeks ago
Born and bred, lived here all her life.
But like the outsider, who weeps
Louder than the owners of the corpse
Nigeria has become Africa, and Africa a country.

“See the beauty of the world,” She says,
Showing me a vid of a waterfall in a hotel
I note that the accent has changed–a mixture of Indian and Puerto Rican slur.
I exclaim in wonder, unsure of why.

My Amelikan laidi says I must learn Spanish before I come
And then rattles off “por qué no dijiste nada”
How America became a Spanish country my backwardness won’t let me know,
But I agreed with her, the agama lizard nodding in assent.

Oh Amelika, land of wonders and abrupt change!
You made me a new laidi, an Amelikan laidi,
But couldn’t make yourself a perfect Trump.


Photo Credit: Public Domain Pictures