All The President’s Men

By Ikenga Chronicles July 20, 2017

All The President’s Men

— Vitus Ozoke

I expect the Attorney General of the United States, Jeff Sessions, to resign immediately. I can’t imagine a scenario in which Jeff Sessions continues as AG after Donald Trump expressed serious regret for having appointed him the AG. So, Jeff Sessions, if there is any shred of dignity left in him, must resign immediately.

From Classroom Slaughter To Cages: Donald Trumps War Against Children

Unless he is as much a shameless man as he is reportedly a racist, Jeff Sessions’ resignation is a forgone conclusion. The next level of inquiry is, given the way he has been publicly humiliated by Donald Trump, what does Sessions do after his resignation? What steps will Jeff Sessions take as payback to Trump and to restore his own dignity?

Of Two Terrorists: Trump And Boko Haram

It used to be that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Today, it is hell hath no rage like a man humiliated. Today, a Watergate-type investigation is going on because James Comey could not stomach his humiliating sack by Donald Trump. Comey’s famous memo was all it took for special counsel to be appointed to investigate the Trump Whitehouse ties to Russia. What dirt is Jeff Sessions willing to dish? And let’s not forget that Michael Flynn is negotiating an immunity deal so that he can tell it all.

Evil Triumphs When Good Men Do Nothing

You would have thought that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats would be the ones to bring Donald Trump down. It is the president’s men instead. It is those who helped him break the laws to get him supposedly elected. No honor among thieves after all.