All it Takes is the Right Woman for a Player to Change his Game

By Ikenga Chronicles December 31, 2016

They say that a player never leaves the game—but that’s untrue.

Those men who enjoy the title of player—and the quantity of women over the quality—have feelings, dreams and goals too…it just takes the right woman to bring all of that to the surface.

It’s easy to believe that once a man acts a certain way, he always will, but each one of us is constantly growing and changing—the truth is that we have all made mistakes in the game of love.

A player isn’t a bad person, but he is lost to himself.

The reason he can’t yet commit to a woman, is that he hasn’t made the choice yet about what kind of man he wants to be.

He has spent time seeking the artificial attention of those women who won’t ever go deep enough to challenge him or enter his heart—because the thing a player is most afraid of is the very thing he has done to so many women.

A player is afraid of getting too close and getting hurt.

Sure, he enjoys the chase and the excitement in the beginning—but at some point, that same man will hang his head with the realization that no matter how many women he can bed, it doesn’t take the place of the one he hopes to wake up to.

This man is an expert not at offense but at defense—because he knows just how close he can get to a woman before his heart will start to grow and expand with feelings, so he keeps barriers up so that very occurrence won’t ever happen.

That is, until he meets the one.

A player hates it when a woman comes along and changes the game all together.

She doesn’t abide by the…


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