All I Want For Christmas Is You. {Adult}

By Ikenga Chronicles December 21, 2016

Baby, this year there is only one item on my Christmas list—you.

I don’t want you wrapped neatly underneath my tree Christmas morning, but wildly undressed—tangled and breathless in soft sheets as we press our fingertips into the most delicious parts of each other’s flesh.

I don’t want you framed in a nice and tidy package that I can make sense of and show off, but rather real and chaotic, passionate and free.

Because men like you should never be placed within a box or made to fit neatly into anyone else’s ideal of a life well lived.

I don’t want sparkling jewels that can be placed around my neck, but rather your supple lips, and the tender trail your tongue leaves, as it makes its way from my neck, across my collarbone and down to my nipples waiting in trembling anticipation for you to take them into your mouth.

The greatest holiday gift I’m hoping for is the opportunity to make a few more enthralling memories with you—no one but us will ever know.

I don’t need silken cashmere draped against my soft skin, because my favorite accessory will always be you and the weight of your strong body against mine.

This Christmas I am asking for the fiery passion in your eyes and the desire that ripples across your confident shoulders, leaving your knees weak every time our eyes meet.

I am not only asking for the flames but for the precious ignitor as well.

I don’t care for rare perfumes, traded across distant seas that will scent and stain my neck, because the fragrance that you leave on my skin and in the tendrils of my hair is always the most seducing of all.

The truth is, I have everything that I need and want—except….



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