Akeredolu: A Leader Who Stood For The Yoruba When We Needed Help

By Bamidele Ademola-Olateju July 11, 2020

Akeredolu: A Leader Who Stood For The Yoruba When We Needed Help

When I listened to the voicenote of Mr. Ifedayo Abegunde alias Abena accusing Governor Rotimi Akeredolu alias Aketi of not giving him N5m monthly, I was sad. I was sad to hear him say; he constructed roads, he built and renovated schools…but we are hungry. Hunger in this instance means money. Money from government coffers into people’s pockets. Abena resigned for the sake of his pocket not those he represents. It was not because Aketi was not a good leader, it was because he wasn’t allowing the treasury to be looted.

What a shame! Since 1999, the Yoruba who were represented in the past by their first eleven like Sapara Williams, Adeyemo Alakija, Bode Thomas are now led by destructive reprobates and mercantilist types who are mere day traders with no abiding interests.

When we were being picked one by one like grasshoppers from the highways and our farms in the Southwest, where were they? Akeredolu was the one who stuck his neck out for us. He was unshaken like the Northern star, with the firm knowledge that his second term will be at stake. Now that the time is here, the rumble was not orchestrated away from home. The orchestra of chaos is from within. It is from the Jẹun S’ókè Chorus. What an unbecoming!

Aketi championed Àmọ̀tẹ́kùn. As the chairman of the Southwest Governors forum, he took the lead. He knew there can be no economic progress without security. He faced down fear and led with courage. That is the kind of leaders we need and want. We have seen where the Jẹun S’ókè Chorus has led us. In just a generation, the legacy of Awolowo in education has been wiped off. The Ọmọlúwàbí ethos of enterprise and character has been replaced by begging and sloth. We have witnessed the loss of capital and drive. Shall we allow the Jẹun S’ókè Chorus to destroy our future now that our present is already mortgaged?

No! We need a new song! We need a new set of leaders for the Yoruba. Akeredolu is not perfect but he stood for us when we needed him. I am for him, for a new Yoruba!