Afrique Travels Accused Of Serial Fraud

By Ikenga Chronicles July 27, 2019

Afrique Travels Accused Of Serial Fraud

A travel agency on Forest Lane, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A has been accused of being fraudulent.

The travel agency which claims that it makes travel arrangements for Africans in the U.S has been called out by several individuals for collecting money from them, and failing to book and pay for their flights to Nigeria.

According to one of the complainants, Ekeoma Ikoh;

“I visited Uche’s office with Afrique travels AKA US travel, made reservations to travel for my sister and my dad’s burials in May 2019. I paid for my ticket in full and was issued an itinerary which I thought was real. Uche cashed my payment check the next day. When I got to the airport on my supposed travel date, I was told that my travel agent–Uche— never paid the airline for my ticket, so Delta cancelled my reservation to Nigeria.”

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Ms. Ikoh would go ahead and call Uche severally at the airport and he never picked up. Five hours later, Uche of Afrique Travels would pick and claim that there was a mistake. When Delta Airlines staff spoke to the Uche and told him on speakerphone that he did not pay for the ticket and asked that he pays, Afrique Travels could not make the payment.

Frustrated, Ekeoma Ikoh had to pay for an emergency ticket.

Ms. Ikoh explained that she would later hear that it has been a common practice by Afrique Travels:

“I was told that this is a common practice with Uche and I have heard so many stories from people after this incident. Please beware of doing business with Uche associated with Afrique travels AKA US travel on Forest lane Dallas TX.”

A similar experience was shared by Helen Amadi. In her own case, her entire family was kept stranded by the antics of Afrique Travels. In the end, like Ekeoma Ikoh, Afrique Travels could only issue post-dated cheques as refund that may or may not come.

Another experience, Attorney Austin Ukeh, said a similar thing happened to him two years ago. In his case, he paid Afrique Travels for six tickets for six family members. In the end, he had to cancel his trip and request for a refund. It took Uche about four months to effect that.

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One of the saddest part of the stories is that one person had to lose his job in the U.S after he had paid for an emergency ticket and travelled to Nigeria, after being disappointed by Uche. While he was in Nigeria, Uche failed to pay for his return ticket, and he ended up spending extra three weeks in Nigeria, which eventually cost him his job.

According to information reaching Ikenga Chronicles, these cases are just a tip of the iceberg, as Uche did not show at his offices throughout December, 2018, due to the many people he defrauded who were angrily looking for him.

Ekeoma Ikoh confirmed that Delta Airlines told her that if she could file a formal complaint, they would personally pursue the case to its logical conclusion as they have issues relating to the travel agency at least once every month.

Many victims of Afrique Travels have taken to the social media to warn others to beware and not fall victim to the ongoing travel scam being perpetrated by the agency.

A cursory look through the reviews of the company on the internet reveal that so many people have complained seriously about this same thing.