Africa: A Miserable Continent

By Ikenga Chronicles December 3, 2017

Africa: A Miserable Continent

— Ifeanyi Calistus

A video and pictures of African migrants sold at auction in Libya for $400 has shocked the world and focused international attention on the exploitation of African migrants.

Libya is the main Transit point for African migrants trying to reach Europe by sea. In each of the three years, 150,000 people have made a dangerous crossing across the Mediterranean sea from Libya according to UN report.

Fuelled by the absolute rush of migrants through Libya thinking that they can get out of poverty, following a dream that does not exist there, they unfortunately become commodities to be sold, bought in the slave auction market. Those that made it to the slave auction were actually lucky, others were killed as Libya Coast Guard crackdown on them. Some others, their organs were ripped open and sold.

Libya foreign minister exonerated the country from any blame. ” I affirmed that the practical solution is to address the real reasons that drives People to leave their homes, Countries, treat and develop them. Find solutions for them”

The Libya Foreign minister blamed African Leaders who failed to develop and make their countries attractive and conducive for their citizens instead of creating hash economic realities that drive their citizens away to seek better living conditions in Europe.

Indeed, African leaders have frustrated and disappointed African people. Even the Continental body, African Union (AU) is a monumental failure.

Africa is a hopeless continent replete with ugly incidents at every vestige of her history. Continent of sorrow and anguish. Sporadic hot and cold wars. A continent vested from Origin with Corruption, Credivistic and dictatorial rulers who introduced mismanagement, endemic economic strangulation and stagnation.

Today, Africans mostly youths who are trying to escape these horrific and humongous economic strangulation are trapped in another African country (Libya) and sold off as slaves. I weep for Africa.

What was left of Africa after colonialism was unfortunately scrambled, vandalised and embezzled under the canopy of Self rule by corrupt, evil, clueless and selfish African leaders. Yes, Africa is a miserable continent. The politicians are savage beasts incapable of thinking. They are self centered and exploitative. They have succeeded in turning Africa to a Societyless Nomads of the thick wilds.

The poor African migrants seek for greener pastures and better living conditions but most African leaders and politicians do same but in different ways: They embezzled all the money that would have been used to develop Africa and stash them abroad. They travel abroad for medical treatment like Mohammadu Buhari of Nigeria when syringe and paracetamol are totally lacking in Aso Rock clinic, budgeted millions of naira . They travel with private jets totally paid from their countries lean resources instead of making dangerous crossing through the Mediterranean sea to Europe.

Bernard Law Montgomery, a British famous field Marshal, after touring some African countries in 1947, stated: ” The African is a complete savage, incapable of developing his continent ”

Bernard Law Montgomery was right. In Africa, starvation is widespread and corruption is rife.

Most African leaders are power drunk, despotic and wealth – amassing ambition rather than the thought of developing their countries, they have left their countries brutally raped and empoverished. Only recently, power consciousness of African politicians reached a climax but dramatic in Zimbabwe when Robert Mugabe, was forced to resign as the countries president at the age of 93 after ruling for 37 years. That is how bad things are in Africa.