Abiola: Rather ACEJD Than GCFR

By Ikenga Chronicles June 9, 2018

Abiola: Rather ACEJD Than GCFR

— Vitus Ozoke

If GCFR (Grand Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic) is an honor awarded to only those who have served as president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, then, MKO Abiola should not get it. One can rightfully argue that Abiola won the June 12, 1993 presidential election, but no one can argue that Abiola, in the absence of inauguration and taking the oath of office, was ever president. Therefore, Abiola never commanded the Federal Republic of Nigeria, let alone in a grand capacity.

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Should Buhari have honored Abiola? Yes. Absolutely! But not in the capacity of Grand Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic. And what the heck is Grand Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic? Federal Republic of what? That’s a very vague and meaningless award.

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Now, why was Abiola not president after his apparent victory in the June 12 elections? Why was he not inaugurated president? Why did he not take the oath of office that would have qualified him to become the Grand Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic (GCFR)? Because one General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, the so-called IBB, criminally annulled the election and Abiola’s victory.

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If President Buhari wants to sincerely honor MKO Abiola, then, rather than bestowing on him the unmerited award of GCFR, he should strip IBB of any national titles he has. He should do the same thing to all those who had a hand in the annulment and murder of June 12 and MKO Abiola. Since we are in a posthumous mood, strip IBB’s criminal cousin, Late General Sani Abacha, of any and all national awards he had.

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Secondly, Buhari should move against IBB and the estate of Late Sani Abacha, and recover the eye-popping wealth they stole from the country. Thirdly, President Buhari should use the recovered loot to build ‘ABIOLA CENTER FOR ELECTORAL JUSTICE AND DEMOCRACY’ (ACEJD) in Abuja. Finally, he should deploy the enormous power and resources of the state to arrest, charge, prosecute, and throw IBB into prison for the remainder of his atrocious life. That’s the honor that makes sense for MKO Abiola. That’s the honor that will give him rest. That’s the honor that will pass the test of politics.

Rest on, MKO!