Abia: The Road To 2019

By Ikenga Chronicles July 25, 2018

Abia: The Road To 2019

–Kingsley Maduforo,

With less than a year to the general elections in Nigeria, vital questions have erupted with the force of molten magma. How are preparations going? Who is running? What will be the key issues and parameters for measuring the abilities of the contestants? Millions of Abians will go to the poll with their Permanent Voters Cards (PVC) to vote based on competence, achievements and what they have been offered in form of dividends of good governance since the last elections. The road to political victory come 2019 will no longer be built on propaganda.

In the 2015 elections, hate speeches and misinformation spread far and wide.The social media were tools for fake news, misinformation and disinformation. The social media space is generally highly susceptible to manipulation by influential individuals with vested interest and little sense of electoral ethics. They are ready to confuse and divide the people along ethnic and religious lines to serve their own ends.

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The social media space has turned into a campaign office for the opposition in Abia State. Being in opposition is as serious and important as being in government. The opposition in Abia cannot win over the hearts and minds of the people by only exposing the ills and failings of the government. For a party in opposition to be taken seriously, its political capital should be more than a portfolio of criticisms against the government. It should have a history and verifiable record of people-oriented programmes and achievements. It is offensive and a demonstration of arrogance of the worst type for a party in opposition to wait for election seasons to mount rostrums and make outlandish promises.

The quality of opposition defines the quality of governance and democracy. The opposition’s job is a round-the-clock job, but the opposition in Abia State has made a mockery of it by turning it into a part-time or periodic job. They only exist when INEC has fixed the date for elections. The opposition in Abia today have become weak, inept, and power hungry, believing they can distract a working government with their poor, cheap propaganda via social media.

In Abia, the 2019 elections will be another record of failure for opposition. They have failed the required test to win elections in the state. They are likened to a baby in the wilderness crying for help because of lack of direction. 2019 election will be another indicating factor that Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu is the chosen leader that will take Abians to the promised land. The governor has shown himself approved with recorded achievements in social infrastructure, which is a combination of Human Development/Empowerment, Health, Security and Education.

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The grand reception and endorsement Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu is receiving now is not a mere wish but proof of his tireless efforts at placing Abia on the economic map of the world. The governor has raised the bar in accelerating the growth of economic activities in the state and the re-branding of Made-in-Aba products to become an accepted brand across the nation and beyond and has empowered  youths to be job creators and not to focus on white-collar jobs for their livelihood and the provision of basic amenities.

The road to 2019 is already clear for Gov. Ikpeazu, his achievements speak loud and people are wondering how the magic is being done. His superior performance when it comes to infrastructure, education, health, security and trade and commerce has already put his name on a springboard, and has sent the opposition into coma. The opposition is currently bereft of ideas on the strategy for a vibrant propaganda. Gov. Ikpeazu within less than four years in office has not only done well but has secured the future of Abians by addressing the patent needs of Abians.

Before now, Abia was sitting on a keg of gunpowder, waiting to explode. Our roads were in very bad condition, but right now the story is different. Infrastructural renewal being one of the five cardinal pillars of this administration, has given the state a facelift. The governor’s concentration on road construction shows that road construction or rehabilitation is the way forward in solving the drowning economy. The rate Gov. Ikpeazu is moving from one road to another as if his life and tenure are tied only on roads is because the condition of the roads in the state needs very urgent attention. Since assumption of office, Gov. Ikpeazu has been on the speed lane to address the road challenges in the state, especially in Aba, the ancient city. Aba provides the largest market for the South-South and South-East and serves as the SMEs capital of Nigeria. Again, this sector of public life is essential to the overall socio-economic activities of the state.

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Finally, the story remains, Gov. Ikpeazu’s giant strides have accelerated his endorsement for a second term bid in office. This can be seen in the high level of acceptance accorded to him across the state, even in the camp of the opposition. This indeed serves as a clear evidence that the road to 2019 election will be a smooth ride.


  • Kingsley Maduforo is a Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Gov. Ikpeazu on Media.