Abba Moro, Two Others Arrested By The EFCC

By Ikenga Chronicles February 23, 2016

Abba Moro, Two Others Arrested By The EFCC


Former Minister of Interior Abba Moro has finally been arrested by the EFCC to answer for the tragedy that was the 2014 Immigration recruitment. Mr. Moro was arrested in the evening of the 22nd of February,with two others(the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, and a deputy Director). The laxity with which the 2014 immigration recruitment was planned, resulted in the death of 20 innocent Nigerians.

It is believed that Abba Moro’s arrest by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is in view of the compulsory application fee extorted from applicants for the exercise.

While the EFCC’s arrest of Moro and his cohorts over the financial extortion have been lauded , many Nigerians still believe that criminal charges should be brought against them for the deaths their actions caused.