ABBA KYARI: It’s Hard Not To Feel Offended

By Ikenga Chronicles March 26, 2020

ABBA KYARI: It’s Hard Not To Feel Offended

— By Wordshot Ameachi

It would be gross to sound light hearted when a compatriot, especially an elderly one who is also in the mold of the Chief of Staff to the President of my country, is down with a life threatening condition such as Covid-19. However, it doesn’t fail to annoy to think of the gross negligence of these people in the many ways they run our country, exclusively to their extreme benefit and to the unimaginable detriment of the masses. This, no doubt, is the time to pay for these excesses that have offended both man and God.

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To start with, this man travelled abroad on a national assignment that should have been undertaken by the Power Minister, as the most appropriate person by designation and perhaps expertise. Why did he go instead of the man? We saw the other time the letter the National Security Adviser wrote that was leaked. This current government so much bastardised governace that they rewrote all the rules in the book. Elected people like the Vice President were reduced to worse than errand boys while unelected entities like Abba Kyari took over the levers of power, dishing out memos on everything that caught his fancy.

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He became the defacto president of our country from whom everyone took orders and reported to. Even though Buhari had told his appointees to reach him through him, he, the president, never told us Kyari would be our president in his stead. And he became just that and much more, doing everyone’s job for more reasons, I am sure, that serve self than our nation. That was why he went everywhere everyone else should have gone. That was why he saw everyone everyone else should have seen. And for that he took everything everyone else should have taken, including the good the bad and the ugly. And in seeing everyone some others should have seen, were things functioning normally, everyone he saw now stand exposed to Corona Virus!

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Again, he travelled to Germany and Egypt and took the Ministers estacode (Nigerian government officials don’t joke with this); took the honour and the job satisfaction of his undertaking a national assignment for his country. But in so doing, he also took the virus in the Minister’s stead. He took his arrow! My people use to say, if you are prepared to eat someone else’s life, be prepared to die his death also. Again, we saw the letter he wrote about the national assembly members who travelled and refused to be checked not to talk of quarantining themselves. Did he submit himself for test. No. Did he quarantine himself? No. Yet he was talking of how the others were endangering the rest of us. While that was true, the fact that he too didn’t do what he expected them to do says so much about our leaders who would rather indulge in precepts than lead by example.

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Anything can happen to anyone now, including me, who by virtue of being alive can also die. But to say that the masses of this country are not happy with this heavy duty koboko God is using to trash our criminally insensitive leaders is to lie big time. Our people are happy. Very, very happy! Look, we are well beyond the time of propaganda and the threat of anti hate speech actions targeting the masses. The masses know they are not only reaping the rewards of their wicked negligence, they are happy they are also as helpless as everyone, in a situation all the public funds they stole have suddenly become less than toilet papers in value, in terms of procurement of personal relief and remedies. And as it presently stands, we must all survive here, by the Grace of God only, as there is nothing they built, either earlier or later to fight the awaited devastation of this virus, or we all die together for the things they should have done but chose not to do.