A Sad Commentary And Blemish On Republicans In America!

By Ikenga Chronicles November 4, 2019

A Sad Commentary  And Blemish On Republicans In America!

–Dr. Wumi Akintide

It is a sad commentary on Republicans who are lacking in profiles in courage and patriotism and allegiance to their oath of office when compared to their Democratic colleagues or counterparts in both the House and the Senate.

Democrats by 31 votes in the lower House had voted along with the Republican- controlled House of Representatives to impeach Bill Clinton on his infidelity and sexual relationship with Monica Luwenski in the White House.

It was a shameful behavior that Bill Clinton had vehemently denied in public but Clinton as a smart lawyer has had the common sense to admit his guilt under oath and that was what saved him from being removed from office even with the votes of many in his Party because their loyalty was to America and not to Clinton as President.

There were also a handful of Democrats who equally voted along with many Republican Senators at the time to censure Bill Clinton for his moral depravity even when they all conceded that his moral and sexual lapses did not rise to the level of his being removed from office.

The Republicans of today compared to those Democrats in the Clinton Impeachment saga are hypocrites many of whom have indicated they could have voted to impeach and to remove Donald Trump who had committed many more serious and egregious crimes than those Clinton had been charged with if their votes could be taken by secret ballot because they are scared to death to vote against Trump in an open ballot. Can you believe that?

The same Republicans like Graham and Moscomitch who had wanted Barack Obama impeached for merely exercising his executive privilege are the same Republicans making a naive and redundant case that Donald Trump does not deserve impeachment for extortion against the Ukrainian President and for urging him same President to dig up dirts on Joe Biden in the 2020 elections so he could argue again that Vladimir has not helped to rig him into office for the second time. It is all a ruse and a set-up!

He had wanted the Ukrainian President to be the one to be blamed for the loss of Joe Biden in the election again even though he is still proactively using Vladimir Putin to meddle again again in 2020 even worse than he had done before.

He wanted to obliterate any idea or speculation supported by so many evidences that it was Vladimir Putin that had put him in the White House in 2016 in an election he had lost to Hillary by 3 million votes in the popular vote.

Donald Trump keeps on alleging without any supporting proof other than wishful thinking that it was the Democrats who had rigged the election in 2016 even though he was the one put in the White House by Vladimir Putin thru Abracadabra and Cyber manipulations never before witnessed in America.

The Democrats should not only impeach Donald Trump for his crimes, they should also go ahead to censure him and leave the Republicans to do whatever they want to do when his articles of impeachment go for actual trial in the US

If they fail to do that, the development would be the end of Democracy in America because it would embolden Donald Trump to commit worse crimes to double down and to ruthlessly rig the 2020 Elections with more clandestine help from Vladimir Putin or any other foreign power willing and ready to help him win.

Rupert Murdock and his Fox News Cable Chanel are Hell-bent on spreading false News and working in collaboration with Vladimir Putin to keep Donald Trump in office beyond 2020 if he is not impeached and removed from office.

The guy is a real Devil incarnate worse than Adolf Hitler when it comes to lying and using delaying tactics and muzzling the Judiciary to silence all his political enemies nation-wide.

The guy is Hell-bent on turning a vibrant Democracy into a despicable Dictatorship right before our eyes. The silent majority of Americans must not allow him to do that. The name of the game is impeachment and censure and removal from office with ignominy.

The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance. The Democrats and those of them running for President must prove to all and sundry they are up to the task.

My vote in the Primary Season is going to go to any of the candidates who shows he or she is ready and willing to do what it takes to double- cross and to ambush Donald Trump and to flush him out of the White House in handcuffs for breaking the Laws and for undermining the Nation’s Constitution and for endangerment of the National Security of the country and for his clear abuse of his office and criminal obstruction of Justice on a massive scale

End of story.