A President and His Mercies

By Ikenga Chronicles December 27, 2019

A President and His Mercies

–Iloh Friday Okechukwu

I have been very reluctant to make comments on the release of Omoyele Sowore and Dasuki; not for anything, just that there are times one is pissed off by the whole charade called government, especially in Africa. But what I read somewhere this morning, got me reeling with laughter and anger at the same time.

For those of you who cannot stand Buhari’s government being scathed with criticism, please, you don’t think it’s worthwhile to tell the government and its agencies to make logical statements? I know too well that some people are rued each time some of us criticise the Buhari’s government, no matter how genuine and constructive the scathing comments are. It’s okay, no problem.

The Nigerian attorney general and minister for justice, I read somewhere, said that the duo of Sowore and Dasuki were released from detention on the basis of the government respect for court orders and on the ground of mercy! He further said, that after a court order, the government has options open to it, one of which is appealing an order. He maintained that the release of the men was not due to pressure, internal or external. I am a man of little wisdom, as I do not get something from the narrative of the chief legal officer of the country. Ndigbo has a saying, that when one does not know a thing, those who do will tell me.

One, how does being merciful comes into the equation of parties before the courts obeying court orders? The learned attorney general (AG) knows too well or should know that obedience to court orders is not at the mercy of the parties, not even when either of the parties is the executive branch of the government or any of its agencies. Extending this question, how logical, can the AG be, to claim that the government obeyed court orders and the same time being merciful in releasing the detainees? It is logic walking on its head!

The AG said that, after a court order, the government has options, one of which is appeal. In Sowore’s case, was there ever an appeal? There was none, to the best of my knowledge.

It is laughable that the same government that the AG claimed respects court orders, has consistently flouted court orders to the chagrin of the civilised world.

The AG obviously was not logical, but he was truthful. The detainees were released not by court orders but at the mercy of the president, Buhari. Another lie, and that is, the president willingly became merciful. The truth is that the president’s mercy button was pressured to trigger by forces, from wherever.