A Pentecostal Go Who Thinks He Knows But Understands Nothing About Christmas

By Ikenga Chronicles December 30, 2019

–By Agha Egwu

The dates of the birth or death of Christ are unknown. Making Christmas, the birthday and Easter the day of death were symbolic. The Church, under Emperor Constantine, the first Roman Emperor to convert to Christianity, deliberately chose those symbolic days to compete with, defeat and supplant popular pagan feast days and festivals. It also made it easier to win souls for Christ and prevented Christians from going to join the pagan Feast Days and Festivals. The strategy succeeded so well that those pagan festivals were over time completely wiped out.

The same actions were taken with respect to Sunday, which used to be the day of worship of the Sun God as well as the first day of the week. Saturday was the true Sabbath Day, but the Church decided to turn it to Sunday to break the ancient yoke and make THE SUN DAY the 7th day. This was made scripturally possible by Paul’s letter to the Romans, Chapter 14, that is supposed to free Christians from the strict Sabbath and strict food of the Jews. However the 7th Day Adventists maintain with some degree of persuasiveness that the Sabbath was part of the 10 Commandments and the Law of God was never changed but is to be fulfilled.

The present day Church should be respectful of the creativity of the earliest Church missionaries in fighting paganism in the Roman Empire.

There are many practices in the Church today, including pentecostal churches, which are not in the Bible, but which have arisen in the course of history and become traditions. There is nothing wrong with traditions in so far as they do not contradict the essence of Christianity. The prosperity Chritianity which pentecostalists preach are not in the Bible either. Tithes are meant for the widows and the poor and not for GOs and priests to live large. According to the Acts of the Apostles we are no longer commanded to give 10% but to give as “the spirit moves you” from zero to 100%. Giving to the needy is the same as giving to the Church, unless your church is dedicated to giving to the needy, and not feeding the fantasies and egos of GOs.

It is shocking that a GO of a Pentecostal church just sees the ephemeral history without reading and understanding the deeper and sensible actions of the early church. He talks about the origins of Christmas as if it is some genius revelation that we all dont know about. But it shows profound ignorance in his lack of understanding of both the actions of the early church and the earliest missionaries.

European missionaries in Africa did use the methods of the early Church Fathers in weaning converts from pagan practices. They would usually set up their own activities for converts to compete with and douse pagan festivals. When they had colonial power, they outrightly banned or destroyed these pagan festivals and their gods.

Although these festivals and gods were called pagan and heathen, they were actually sophisticated religions in their own right. In Africa, the process of destroying them without records, wiped out centuries of African religions, history and culture. In their place they gave us false eurocentric interpretations that painted African gods and religions as demonic and painfully, wiped out much of African traditions and history.

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