2019: President Buhari Must Be Forced To A Debate

By Ikenga Chronicles September 10, 2018

2019: President Buhari Must Be Forced To A Debate

–Ikenna Asomba,

Barely 150 days to the 2019 Presidential election in Nigeria, there is news that incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari, who hitherto, had declared to run for another term, is indicating intentions to JETTISON the forthcoming 2019 Presidential Debates. To this end, yours truly, joins other well meaning Nigerians to say, NEVER AGAIN!

Recall that ahead of the 2015 Presidential Election, Gen. Buhari, despite several offers, absconded from debates, where tough questions would have been asked him on what he has to offer the Nigerian people if elected President.

He dodged all the offers that came, even though he and his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), made over 200 HIGHFALUTIN CAMPAIGN PROMISES, with little or nothing to show for after three years in power. A discourse for another day.

In the world over, including the United States, whose style of democracy we copy, Pre-Election Debate is a si·ne qua non and fundamental ingredient to usher in democratic republics.

Why Buhari Cannot Be Voted Out In 2019–Azuka Onwuka

Pre-Election Debates offer the citizens the UNIQUE opportunity to personally meet their aspiring representatives and as well, hear first hand from them, what they have to offer if voted in.

It is therefore comedic for handlers of Mr. Buhari and his partymen, to tell the Nigerian people that Buhari can’t be FORCED to a Presidential Debate, ahead of the 2019 Presidential Election. One hopes this is the JOKE OF THE CENTURY?

If after three years in power, and the second stint at power, after the 1983-1985 inglorious military regime, and Mr. Buhari is still CAMERA SHY for a Presidential Debate, it then means, that discerning minds like us, were indeed right to have averred that Buhari was not the Best Man to be Nigeria’s President.

President Buhari, his handlers, partymen and dyed-in-the-wool supporters (Buharists and Buharideens), know this fact for sure. But Buyers Remorse to accept the basic truth that they goofed in 2015 remains their Achilles Heel.

Gentlemen, if you want to know this for a fact, have you asked yourself why Buhari’s handlers have not put up another PRESIDENTIAL MEDIA PARLEY with the Nigerian Press, after the first and only one since coming on board on May 29, 2015, EXPOSED Buhari’s follies?

It is a SHAME and PATHETIC, the least to say, that since May 29, 2015, President Buhari has been very arrogant in granting interviews to the Nigerian Press, who know the real issues confronting the 200million people populated country.

Enough Of Obasanjo And His Shenanigans

President Buhari prefers to grant Exclusive Interviews to Foreign Media Organisations on Foreign Soils, despite their AFGHANISTANISM JOURNALISM. Even at that, it had been ONE GAFFE TOO MANY, on foreign soils. This unfortunate trend must stop come 2019.

No President, the world over does this shit. Not even the World’s No. 1 Citizen, President Donald Trump, ignores the U.S. Media, despite the onslaughts meted out against him by the Left Media, particularly, the CNNs of this world, since coming on board.

In another development, Yours Truly, heard that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, is being tipped to represent President Buhari at Presidential Debates ahead of the 2019 Presidential Election. That idea is ABSOLUTE BALDERDASH.

The APC used this trick on Nigerians in 2014/2015, when Osinbajo as APC’s Vice Presidential candidate was the one meeting Nigerians for votes, at Town Hall Meetings.

The APC hid Buhari’s follies until the man emerged and was sworn in. Today, the lid which covered the eyes of many a Nigerians, 2014/2015 has been uncovered.

Nigeria: A Nation In Need Of Free Speech

Going forward, I admonish the APC to present Professor Yemi Osinbajo as their Presidential Candidate come 2019, if they truly know within their hearts of heart, that the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari is too CAMERA SHY and lack the INTELLECT to stand for the 2019 Presidential Debates.

But if they insist that Mr. Buhari is their Presidential candidate for 2019, then, the septugenarian must be made to stand for Debates to tell over 200million Nigerians, at home and in the Diaspora, what he had done with the Mandate he currently enjoys, and what more he intends to bring to the table, if given another opportunity at the plum job, in a FREE, FAIR, TRANSPARENT and NON-VIOLENT Presidential Election.

*Ikenna Asomba is a journalist and social commentator.