2019: Lai Mohammed Warns Obasanjo

By Ikenga Chronicles December 11, 2018

2019: Lai Mohammed Warns Obasanjo

Information Minister, Lai Mohammed has assured former President Olusegun Obasanjo that his candidate “will be defeated roundly and comprehensively’’.

Lai Mohammed stated this during a press briefing with media executives.

“With due respect to former President Obasanjo, it is his constitutional right to support any candidate of his choice and we urge him to go out and campaign vigorously for any candidate he wants to support.

“He has not hidden his preference for the PDP candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, and we wish him the very best of luck.

“However, I want to assure you that his candidate will be defeated roundly and comprehensively. It is not about endorsement, endorsement does not win election,’’ he said.

The minister also responded to a statement credited to the former President that, “only a fool will sit on the fence when his or her country is being destroyed with incompetence, corruption, lack of focus, insecurity nepotism and brazen impunity’’.

Lai Mohammed said he held Obasanjo in high esteem and probably he was not properly briefed on the development in the country to have made such conclusions,.

“The facts are all there that this government has done more than any other governments in three and half years.”