2019 Elections: How Buhari May Bring War To Nigeria

By Ikenga Chronicles April 30, 2018

2019 Elections: How Buhari May Bring War To Nigeria

The 2019 general elections are close by. It seems somehow that everything (political at least) now revolves around the conduct and outcome of the elections. For instance, the announcement by President Muhammadu Buhari that he will seek re-election has not only thrown a section of the country into turmoil, it has also precipitated a lot of statements from the opposition, lovers of Nigeria, and even blatant lies  from pro-Buharists.

In fact, it has become an open secret that Buhari’s people, despite the overwhelming rejection of his candidacy by the people, have continued somehow to (buoyed by whatever reality they live in, or maybe just desirous of telling lies) sell to the incompetent President that he is overwhelmingly loved by the people.

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It was important to highlight these lies of Buhari being loved by most Nigerians because of the implications for post-2019 general elections. It is important because over the years, Buhari has displayed a consistent belief that every election he loses was because of some irregularities, because to him, the people worshipped him, and thus must always vote for him. This may not matter much, if 2011 was not followed by widespread violence that led to lots of deaths, with threats of a repetition of 2011 coming before the 2015 Elections. That should firmly let people understand the mindset of Muhammadu Buhari, the politician– he is a man who would never believe that he legally lost an election.

Here is a man who believes so much that he is the messiah of Nigeria, and has, in all of his actions, shown that he is doing Nigeria  “favour” by “accepting” to lead her. In fact, for some reasons President Buhari believes that the Nigerian people love him so much that they “clamoured” for him to seek re-election so that he (after all, he is Nigeria’s messiah) may continue to “save” Nigeria.

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Now imagine this man, being resoundingly whipped at the polls because Nigerians followed their hearts and expressed through the power of their thumbs that Buhari is the worst thing that have ever happened to Nigeria! For a man suffusely fed with so much falsehood, and one who wears a ballooned garb of self-importance, such a rejection would result in him seeing perceived illegality at work.

This is of course based on the assumption that there is still a shred of integrity in the man that will make him allow INEC to conduct a free and fair election. Or in the event that despite tampering by INEC, the results, like in 1993, are so overwhelming that there was no way the electoral body could tamper with them.

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When I’m 2019 it is finally announced that Buhari has lost his bid to be re-elected, one feels that based on the lies fed to him, and his over-bloated sense of importance to Nigerians, he may feel that he has been dealt the short hand of the straw, and thus will believe that he genuinely did not lose the election, but was rigged out. If that happens, it is evident that what will happen is that Buhari may refuse to concede defeat and vacate the Presidency. What may follow, is what is everyone’s greatest fear— civil war.