16 Governors Offer Free land To Fulani Herdsmen

By Ikenga Chronicles January 9, 2018

16 Governors Offer Free land To Fulani Herdsmen

The Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh has disclosed that 16 governors have offered free land to cattle rearers as an antidote to the herdsmen-farmers crisis that has claimed many lives.

He said President Muhammadu Buhari promised to help the Ministry fund the project.

He said: “On the issue of cattle, we have to start immediately; 16 states have given us land to work on. The programme is not going to be cheap. Mr President has personally informed me that if we seek help from him, he will give it to us over and above the budget we have, and when that budget is released I plead with all of you to come on board to work hard to achieve results.

“We are talking of cattle colonies, not ranches, so to speak, where we will provide water, grass, training for herdsmen, cattle breeding and insemination.

“We have to deal with an urgent problem, cattle rearing and the conflicts between farmers and herdsmen, and actually bring it to a halt. I know that some people argue that the culture of open grazing is our culture, but when a culture begins to develop dangerous trends, leading to warfare between people and bloody clashes and death that culture is due for a re-examination. If it is harmful, we reform it.

“Nigerians are getting extremely uncomfortable with these killings and we may make political statements and issue palliatives and ask the police and army to go after killers. Let us do our own duty by eliminating the conflict by creating cattle colonies.”