10 Things Happy People Do

By Ikenga Chronicles February 9, 2018

10 Things Happy People Do

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” ~ Dalai Llama XIV

Truly happy people are out there, and we all know a few.

I have a friend who is so happy she doesn’t walk into a room—she skips. She’s 45 years old.

What is it about those of us who just exude good vibes and smiles despite our common puzzles and problems in life? How do we manage to maintain our happiness underneath the stresses of juggling our families, jobs, and personal stuff? Underneath the disappointments and challenges we all face?

Experts like to tell us that happiness is a consciously made choice. We can choose to live in the moment, look for silver linings, let our stresses go, and simply let life be. But what is the secret to actively making this choice?

For some of us, it’s natural. For others, it requires mindful work. So, what are the 10 things happy people do?

We express ourselves. We are not afraid of speaking up, and we do it respectfully. We are not worried about losing friends, or ruffling feathers, or making sure everyone else agrees. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say. Happy people have conviction. We have no problem sharing ideas, opinions, or tidbits of wisdom gleaned from our life, but we are careful not to push any of it onto anyone. We laugh (and cry!) often. We are grateful, and we express our gratitude as often as possible. We release our emotions into the world, and it keeps us healthy.

We like to try new things. Or, at least we don’t let our hesitations prevent us from trying. We cultivate a curious spirit, and we’re not afraid of looking or feeling “silly” in our quest to find new fun things to….

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