Why Yahaya Bello Must Be Impeached Right Away

By Ikenga Chronicles July 24, 2017

Why Yahaya Bello Must Be Impeached Right Away

Fate smiled on current governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello, when Abubakar Audu died before the conclusion of the last gubernatorial election in Kogi State. So out of nowhere, political scheming brought Bello and allowed him reap the benefits of the immense platform put in place by the late Audu.

But, as a man whom Fate had buttered his bread, instead of Gov. Bello, to use the unique opportunity to affect lives positively, he is proving to be a power drunk dictator, who must now demolish any form of opposition that dares stand in his way. And in doing this, he has stretched absurdity to breaking point, and on many occasions brought Kogi State to contemptuous ridicule.

First, Yahaya Bello’s government embarrased Kogi people by trying to argue about the number of months of salary arrears owed workers in the state. What was so laughable about it was that the state government accepted that it owed workers salaries for over one year, as if it was something to be proud of! Many Kogites bowed their heads in shame, but Bello, a man beyond shame, held his head high and walked the streets,thumping his chest.

Then came the now overdrawn battle of recalling Senator Dino Melaye from the Senate. That the governor of a state would expend billions of state resources to engage in such childish and frivoulous action, while his workers die of hunger show that pepper (or maybe something stronger) had gone into the man’s brains. So while the people hunger and thirst, resources that would have been used to assuage the hunger are being used to fight a personal vendetta of the governor’s. Talk of a Fiefdom! And to drag his childish absurdity even further, Yahaya Bello through the State’s Attorney General spends over N12million on newspaper adverts to respond to a simple comment made by the Deputy Senate President! That is the man who governs Kogi State.

The final act of Yahaya Bello’s drive towards dictatorial hegemony however lies in his unconstitutional decision to proscribe the Academic Staff Union of Universities, Kogi State University chapter. This act brims of governorship recklessness, ignorance of the consitution which he should be defending, dictatorship in a democratic government and gross disregard to the economic implications of such an act to the Kogi State government. Furthermore, it showed that Yahaya Bello is grossly incompetent of being the governor of a state in a democratic dispensation hence the need for the Kogi State House of Assembly to begin impeachment proceedings against him on the grounds of incompetence, disregard of the constitution, and murder of democracy.

Within less than two years of being in power, all of the vibes coming from Kogi State under Governor Yahaya Bello are that the state has become one man’s personal property, to manage as it suits his deepest cravings. That should be unacceptable to any right thinking proponent of democracy. And if the members of the Kogi State House of Assembly are genuine representatives of the people of Kogi, then it behoves on them to save the state from the hands of the bloodthirsty druggie who has shown that democratic governance is alien to his nature.