Time For Every Nigerian To Become His/Her Own President

By Ikenga Chronicles August 14, 2017

Time For Every Nigerian To Become His/Her Own President

It will soon be 100days since President Muhammadu Buhari left Nigeria for London,for the second time this year. Despite several calls by those whom he is ruling that he makes known the nature of his illness, resumes work or resigns, Mr. President has carried on as if the people’s clamour are the rantings of ants.It will not be the first time he had done that–disregard opinion of the people, whose mandate he is holding in trust.

Earlier,the people and even the courts of law had asked that Buhari lets go Sambo Dasuki, Nnamdi Kanu and even El Zakzaky. All of those calls were blatantly disregarded by the President, who ironically claims to be the democratic leader of Nigeria.

The pattern which has been established by the Buhari administration is that no matter what the people want,the President will do as he wishes. So if the people for instance say that some of his ministers are corrupt, and present petitions to that effect, Mr. President, the corruption fighting General of Nigeria, will disregard that call. But if he makes up his mind with or without proof that a certain person is corrupt, woe betide the person, the whole security apparatus of the country will be unleashed!

It was basically by carefully watching Buhari’s behavioural pattern, that a few Nigerians pointed out that no matter the number of protests people hold to get the President to do the right and honourable thing, Buhari will always do as it pleases him. It does not matter what the laws of the land says.

One can therefore opine that since the father of the nation does as he pleases,it is only right that his children should follow in his footsteps. To this end then the new solution to the current leadership conundrum in the country is for citizens to act as they please. Any citizen of the country can therefore decide that as far as he or she is concerned, Buhari is not his or her President. In the same vein,all of the laws of the land are not binding on him or her. After all, when the elder chameleon dances, the younger one watches and does as the elder did! Since the elder chameleon champions anarchy, it is only right that the younger ones take anarchy to a whole new level!

As it is then, there is no need to continue to call on President Buhari to #ResumeOrResign. The solution would be for each and every Nigerian citizen to become his or her own President, and do as he or she damn well pleases!