Our Father, Who (Is An) Art In London

By Ikenga Chronicles July 31, 2017

Our Father, Who (Is An) Art In London

Yesterday, it went viral that Fareed Zakaria of CNN had turned Nigeria to a Quiz and Trivia subject. Which is all good, if the quiz and Trivia was about something unavoidable. But the humiliating thing was that it was a question about the President of a country who has not stepped foot into the country for over two months! Pitifully, while the whole world sees this is an anomaly, must supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari, will for selfish reasons defend it to their death and will ask that people allow the President “recover in peace”. Whether Nigerians voted in the President, so that he can come to tend to his illnesses, remains a huge question that even them have refused to come up with an answer to.

Today, Monday, July 31st, will be 84 days since President Buhari left the country for London, on medical vacation. And that is after discounting the 50days he spent in London between January and March of this year, and the about two months he also spent hibernating in his residence at Aso Rock. In essence then, since the middle of January, 2017, Nigeria’s President has not been able to carry out any of his official duties!

While this level of dereliction of duties is unprecedented,those intent on ensuring that a visibly sick and incapacitated man clings to power are finding various ways through which Nigerians can be deceived into accepting that the President holds on to power, while battling to stay alive. The worst in a series of absurd moves are the recent pilgrimages by governors and other party chieftains to London, to visit the President. While it is not exactly clear what the managers of the President intend to achieve with this, but Social Media has been rife with triumphant posts by supporters of the President, who have been jubilating that “haters” of Mr. President have been shamed! What the shame is, is anybody’s guess, seeing as the pictures of the President being alive does not in any way disprove the fact that he is totally incapacitated, which is the contention of many.

That the Nigerian Presidency has been reduced to this caricature,or at best, an artifact in London,to be viewed is worrisome. It speaks to the country’s lack of understanding of what democratic governance is, and ultimately to the fact that their leaders lack leadership responsibility. A country with responsible leaders would have seen the President do the honourable thing and resign, instead of dragging his country through the unsavoury terrain of being the laughing stock of the world. And where the President is too numb to the needs of the people, one would have expected that the men and women who make up his cabinet would have done the honourable thing and declared him incapacitated. Further, if the cabinet is so enmeshed in blind loyalty, then the National Assembly, who are direct representatives of the people should have stepped up. But all three classes of leaders are so bogged down by selfish and ethnic interests that they prefer to hold Nigeria to ransom.

The thing about being openly mocked by others is that most times, it drives one to take drastic actions. With Nigeria now the laughing stock of the world, her citizens, who are already kegs of dry gun powder may just have found the necessary match that will set them off. So while the so called leaders continue to visit our Father, who (is an) Art in London, they should watch their backs, because, it may just go BOOOOOOOMMMMM any moment.


Image Credit: Asukwo