I Was Never Close To An Actress- Angela Okorie

By Ikenga Chronicles August 6, 2017

I Was Never Close To An Actress- Angela Okorie

Stunning Nollywood actress and mother of one, Angela Okorie, shocked her colleagues in the movie industry when she claimed her best friend was not an actress.

She made this revelation when she was reported to have parted ways and no longer on talking terms with her friend Anita Joseph.

The story claims that the two Nollywood hotties had stopped following each other on their separate social media handles.

She, however, debunked such claims but gave a shocking revelation that she has never had an actress as her best friend even if she and Anita were cool.

In a WhatsApp chat with “Potpourri” Angela Okorie debunked the story, saying there was nothing unhealthy between her and her friend, Anita.

“Please I don’t know where they got their information from, Anita and I, are still friends. We don’t have issues. I am still her friend and nothing has changed about us. People should leave friends alone and stop causing issues for them,” she told “Potpourri”.

But her response to the next question was a bit of a shock. When she was asked her if Anita Joseph is her best friend. “My best friend is not an actress,” she disclosed.