Letters To Oma: Manchester United Broke The Sky’s Heart–Henry Dennis

By Ikenga Chronicles May 25, 2017

Letters To Oma: Manchester United Broke The Sky’s Heart–Henry Dennis

The sky is weeping this morning. This isn’t like a normal cry (the type that flows and could be cleansing) but it is spurting, like a faulty engine coughing out oil. I am no doctor (or whoever it is that diagnoses illnesses for the sky), but I think that the sky’s heart is in great pains, tortured as it is, by the painful event of last night.

There is no scientific explanation for this. How is it that for months, all signs have pointed to yester-night’s eventual outcome? The newspapers talked about no need for an open bus parade, the gaffer threw the chance of a top-four finish, stating that last night’s victory will be the key that will open the door to Champions League football. All of these pointed to a pre-determined outcome, which eventually manifested.

How can one explain all these away except by saying that in football, the outcome of games are pre-determined? This has often plagued my mind, and yesterday, I got a validation.And if I had any shred of doubt,this morning, the sky wept bitterly, tears induced by the pains of a world that has refused to let the hardworking young (Ajax) taste of victory well deserving!

Oma, before you call me a sore loser, let me congratulate you on your team’s victory. I would have said it was well deserved, but the sick sky begs to differ!

I am sure of course that you have heard of the victory, and shouted yourself hoarse already. These days, being in an NYSC orientation camp is no longer the prison it used to be. It is almost like all campers never left, as they can relate with friends and families through a variety of ways. Well, for me, you did really leave, because inspite of his brilliance, Zuckerberg couldn’t provide me with a means of hugging you and smelling your hair!

So here I am still, commiserating with the sky, while nursing a huge vacuum in me.

May the angels guide you,



Editor’s Note: “Letters To Oma” are expected to run everyday of the three-week National Youth Service Corps Orientation Camp. The letters capture the heartfelt messages of a lover to his loved one, who is currently participating in the three-week orientation camp exercise.