June 12 Series: Beyond An Award, A Critical Look In Semantics (Part 3)

By Ikenga Chronicles June 12, 2018

Never again must the truth suffer, lest the nondisclosure of the knowledge of our past become our albatross in the future!

These truths must be told and now!

In recent times, if you ever wondered as to how President Jonathan reversed himself on the need to hold a National Conference, be it known to you that true Yoruba leaders were fervently part of those who caused him to not only change his mind, but also to institute the Confab.

If you ever wondered how President Jonathan embarked upon the massive rehabilitation of the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, the busiest road in Nigeria, after President Yar’adua bungled same road by awarding it to Bi-Courteny, look no further than to the efforts of true Yoruba leadership!

June 12 In Series: Beyond An Award, A Critical Look At The Semantics

In other times, if you ever wandered about how the Yoruba leadership sustained the fight against tyranny and oppression of a dictator in Abacha, drawing on the support of foreign countries and keeping the pressure firmly and unequivocally against Abacha—pressure almost of the same texture and scale with the type of struggle against Apartheid in South Africa— it was through the tentacles, superb organization and doggedness of selfless leadership of the Afenifere and NADECO.

To therefore not be called up for such a celebration of Abiola and recognition of June 12, by the insensitive government of Muhammadu Buhari is to simply play politics with the June 12 issue! Should we not be asking why our leaders who truly fought for June 12 in Afenifere and NADECO were not invited?

Most of the governors who are to be honoured as heroes of June 12 actually worked against the actualisation of that historical mandate.

Someone like Jonathan Zwingina later became a pro-Abacha politician while Abiola was in jail.

Kingibe, the most powerful man in this government without holding any official position, was the first to dump June 12.

But all of that initial euphoria has now yielded to the shocking dawn of awakening of exclusion of those who truly suffered, were hounded, maimed, killed by those opposed to June 12. As if it was of deliberate design!

June 12 Series: Beyond An Award, A Critical Look In Semantics. (Part 2)

The Uninvited True heroes of June 12, have been at the forefront of the struggle for Restructuring as tabled before the British in 1953, and by the separatist clause as Papa Awolowo wanted such inserted into the 1959 constitution!

Since the time of inception of the Action Group in 1951, March 21st to be precise, the Southwest progressive movement has never for once wavered on its stand on Restructuring.The subsequent Yoruba leaders that have emerged from this school of thought, have also been adamant on the quest to remain true to the concept of True Federalism.

June 12 Tsunami And The Ones Who Won’t Forgive Buhari- By Garba Shehu

The unitary system camouflaged as a pseudo-federal structure currently operating, is an obnoxious,erroneous adventurism into governance, and must be terminated with, in order that growth and development can begin to germinate.

It was toward this set goal, that MKO Abiola, the winner of the June 12 elections, was groping at. Had that election been allowed to stand, it would have been toward the political, fiscal as well as physical restructuring of Nigeria.

The annulment of that election therefore was done to continue the status quo of retaining power in the hands of a section of the country and particularly in the hands of a few.

For the first time since the resistance period between 1993 to 1998, some attempts to birth a new order are today being seen as various groups from the Middle Belt, South East, South South and the South West are coming together among themselves to forge a common front on restructuring. These powerful groups are working toward same goals of ridding Nigeria of the Buhari menace in 2019.

June 12: PDP, Oshiomhole, In War Of Words

So, many meetings were set up between these groups and others, all in the bid to harmonize our collective positions, as regards the way forward as 2019 approaches.

It is within this development that the Buhari administration has now come to sow the seed of discord by trying to pacify the South West with a Greek gift of an undefined June 12 partial recognition.

The aim is to cause enough confusion within the fold as we bicker among ourselves, dissipating energies that this government hopes will lead to diffusing our votes.

A few weeks ago, prior to the announcement of the June 12 recognition, I had told a few friends and brothers, that we should expect a kind of backlash of sorts as the restructuring movement and quest to change the Buhari government gain the expected momentum. And it has now started coming.

We know their plans toward 2019–intimidation,arrest, harassment, possibly frame up a few. And no sooner had I said all these things than the movie called, “The Season of Frames”, started playing out!

A discerning person will easily see a pattern developing — Araba, Aburi, Abacha!

It is the framing and persecution season—
Shehu Sani’s murder case; Dino Melaye’s assassination case; Obasanjo’s false $16 billion energy case; Bukola Saraki’s robbery case; and now the real possibility of an Obasanjo arrest based on trumped up charges. All are known Buhari critics!

June 12: Humphrey Nwosu Breaks Silence

And why are all of these, coinciding with the probable defection of the nPDP and others from the APC, with the possibility of coalescing the opposition voices into one formidable body?

It is simply the persecution of the opponents—a familiar terrain for those who know of the war of the trenches, fought between 1964 and 65, between 1993 and 1998, by the Afenifere, NADECO and others, while a carrot and stick, divide and rule tactics are being employed with the bait of a June 12 recognition, thrown at the South West.

Senator Shehu Sani’s proposition is here apropos:

“Tyranny grows in phases.
First they welcome your views;
Then, they doubt your views;
Then, they fear your views;
Then, they reject your views;
Then, they condemn your views;
Then, they attack your views;
Then, they go after you…
For your views.”

Araba, Aburi, Abacha!

A National Assembly member friend immediately after Dino Melaye’s arrest, told me he has been uncomfortable sitting with APC colleagues, ever since then. He confirmed it is all firmed up for post-June 23 convention after which the power within the party would would have consolidated. It will then be an all out persecution of dissenting voices, both within and without!

And he also assured me:

“It is like everyday, every week from now on, a new arrest, a new frame-up, the process of contesting to win has begun.They don’t care if you don’t want to do their bidding. But surely, some people will leave in spite of the intimidation, there is also going to be a mass movement, which will be after the Convention. These people are deadly,” he concluded.

My concern, sincerely, and really, isn’t how deadly Buhari and his cabal members are, and how his use of the security agencies for his personal ambition to contest to win in 2019, is unfolding. No. Anyone who reads Soyinka’s, “YOU MUST SET FORTH AT DAWN” would be very certain that there is hardly any level of viciousness Buhari cannot descend into.My worry is actually about our Yoruba social media people. How naive they are.

Dino Melaye Makes U-Turn Says Abiola’s GCFR Honour Well Deserved

They are mainly of two categories —
~ Those that are so young they never witnessed Abacha:- This Democracy is now 19 years old.
Abacha, ruled from Nov 17, 1993, to June 8, 1998.Add that to 19, we have 24 years!
Now, let’s assume one begins to be politically conscious at say 16 or thereabouts, it simply means arriving at an age very much in this equation:
16 + 24 = 40.

Now here’s the cruncher:

It is very hard to believe, that anyone who is 40 years old today, will most likely know a lot about the June 12 elections and about all the drama that unfolded.

A 40-year old would know very little, about Abacha and practically nothing about Buhari’s antecedents!Such a person will be just 16 years old, when Abacha came in, and won’t be all that aware of the sacrifice of MKO Abiola, the Afenifere, NADECO, Kudirat Abiola, MKO’s wife who was brutally assassinated on the orders of Abacha and Al Mustapha, 19 years ago! How can such a person then know of IBB’s rule and the story behind the annulled election?

Unfortunately, the only experience that these 40 years and below youths, are only acquainted with, would be the Obasanjo, Yaradua, Jonathan years while oblivious of the Buhari/Abacha Siamese Seamless Streak of 5 years, in which Buhari was running a government within a government as Chair of the Petroleum Trust Fund, alongside the government of Abacha!

Ask this class of people, what is Nigeria’s problem, and all they will tell you, is that, corruption is our only problem. Worse still, they bother not if such corruption is being fought one-sided. They are a product of a later day propaganda, The gestapo-like era of governance we are now slowly but surely entering into.

June 12 is is not known to them in the real sense and the problems of an un-restructured Nigeria not so clear to them either

The second group include those above 40 years of age— and even those above 70 years of age are sadly within this bracket.

They are worse than the younger ones, as they cannot be excused on the grounds of ignorance — their main concern is the APC and the crumbs that fall from the table of a certain Bourdillon overlord.

Nigeria is to be pitied and together with that entity, Nigerians. No defining ideology and neither is there a recourse to principled belief system.

BREAKING: Buhari Is Plotting To Arrest Me-Obasanjo Raises Alarm

Much of what this Greek gift of a June 12 recognition stands for, is a an opportunity to get back at President Obasanjo for his relentless criticisms against this government.

It is this category of the above 40 years of age that, if those trumped-up charges of a coup d’etat are to be reenacted against President Obasanjo and General Oladipo Diya, today, just like Abacha did, some 21 years ago, against both of them, I can bet with anyone, the later category I have so described, will readily condemn Diya, Obasanjo, and co,but commend the Abacha/Buhari combo!

Half the work that this government is doing in our media space, is to make things appear by way of repeated propaganda— that a lie is the new truth! They tell unbelievable lies. They push out deceit as if they are the good guys and dissenting voices are the bad guys. It is as if we are not in a democracy, a benevolent dictator is the elected Buhari, who can rubbish the office of a Senate president, break into the home of a judge, but cannot arrest one single killer Fulani herdsman.

Those with the vatic minds, will see a pattern unfolding. The important matters of security of lives and property are left uncatered for, unchartered. In the end, the 5000 murders across the country, undealt with, with perhaps thousands of Fulani herdsmen murderers on the prowl, who have been handed the ticket to continue, unfettered, while those the government cheery picks as, “Enemies”, are to be dealt with in a very insidious manner.

Everyday, this government weakens our democracy rather than deepening it. It is not in the nation’s interest or long term prosperity to weaken our democratic institutions, but the less intellectual endowed will not see through all of these, thus making it is easy for a man infused with inferiority complex like Buhari to, just because he can, embark on the use of force to succeed in shutting out voices of dissent, and perpetuate himself in power.

The Feast On Abiola’s Grave Continues

But at the end, it is we the people, that are the ultimate losers, for we will end up having too many weak institutions!

Suddenly, it is about June 12 recognition, but there is no word from the government on the more important matter of the killers of over 5000 innocent Nigerians.

Just a few days ago, a pregnant woman had her fetus removed somewhere in Ekiti; retired army officer’s ordeal in 3 videos are all over the social media space telling his story of how the Fulani herdsmen abducted him at Iwaraja junction, leading to the Ekiti axis from Osun state with no less than 10 killed and he alone surviving.

The IGP has remained silent, even defying the president who asked him to go to Benue!

NNPC Cannot Be Corruption-Free Until An Angel Is Appointed – Sanusi

One thing that Buhari and his vicious clique of Abacha reincarnates have forgotten, is that, this is Neither 1983 nor 1993.This is 2018!

Another thing they missed, and in which APC, as a new party, failed woefully to recognize, is that the Nigeria of today is in a different world, as opposed to what obtained when there was a West Germany!

We are in a bigger, global, democratic setting,as opposed to the military template with which Buhari and Abacha led Nigeria then.
Now, add to that, and more significantly, the social media factor, has also taken over media ombudsman connectivity with the people. The whole world is a buzzing beehive of vibrant and robust new media activity!

In the period 1994 to 1998 of glorious Southwestern opposition days, the international community, still listened and got involved despite limited internet activity in our climate. Today, such an Abachaesque tendencies will not be tolerated so easily.

How Buhari Plunged Nigeria Into A N2.7 Trillion Mess

You may ban The Guardian, The Punch, The Vanguard; or scare Channels TV, AIT, or Continental Radio, Ray Power, etc; as well as develop thecapacity to block their mouths with modern Decrees 2, and 4, or whatever may come from the residual knowledge of the fossils ruling us, but not today’s Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or emails can or will be banned or barred!

Let Buhari-in-Cahoots know this for a fact, our minds cannot be perplexed or frightened but go on in great fortune at our own predetermined pace, like a clock during the thunderstorm of Abacha days, ready to withstand the whirlwind of the Buhari sandstorm, and at the end, our collective will shall triumph. The minds that rode through the Abacha days are ready to also see off Muhammadu.And on this Aburi, we stand!

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