June 12 And The Buhari Scam

By Ikenga Chronicles June 12, 2018

— Charles Ogbu

Nigeria is a funny country, in a negative way, I mean. Nigerians are even funnier, still in that same negative way.

A criminally inept ex-treasonous Dictator-turned genocide President wakes up few months to another election he is taking part in and claims he is honoring a man whose mandate and life were stolen by another dictator this present dictator served and still praise even now, and then he draws up the list of the awardees to include the presumed winner of that election, his Vice Presidential candidate and an activist who fought bravely for the stolen mandate but somehow, just somehow, this President conveniently forgets the man who conducted that same election adjudged the freest and fairest in the history of elections in the country and even took the grave personal risk to announce the result until he was stopped by the military thugs with a voodoo court order and his electoral commission dissolved.

June 12: PDP Reacts To Buhari Honouring Abiola

So in a nutshell, even a Kingibe who abandoned the mandate, broke bread and went to bed with the Annuller-in-Chief of that election is more deserving of recognition on democratic credentials than the man who conducted the election and left no one in doubt as to who won?

And, Nigerians are clapping for this double-faced President.

No one is asking how a man can claim to adore Abiola and honor him while still adoring and honoring the same Abacha who stole that mandate and even killed him and his wife.

June 12 Tsunami And The Ones Who Won’t Forgive Buhari- By Garba Shehu

No one is tasking this man to prove he is not a moral crook desperate for votes by getting INEC to declare the whole result so we could stop this mockery of using the phrase “PRESUMED WINNER” while referring to the winner of that election.

Meanwhile, the man who supervised that treason against the whole country not only yet draws breath, he goes about his business with neither State Actors nor non-State Actors initiating legal measures to force him to account for what happened.

June 12: The Move Of A Desperate President

Quite frankly, ours is a broken society peopled by primitive morons who are being ruled by conscienceless clinical idiots.

We have a long way to go as a people and as a country. Tragedy is, we have not even initiated the very first step in this very long and perilous journey.

A shame, isn’t it?

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