Is The APC Dead?

By Ikenga Chronicles July 11, 2017

Is The APC Dead?

Something that looks very funny happened last week. President Muhammadu Buhari’s Personal Assistant on New Media, Bashir Ahmad, had while referencing a tweet that showed that the term “Buharism” had been entered into Wikipedia as a political movement, boasted about how President Buhari was the first Nigerian leader to be accorded that recognition.While that claim is totally wrong (Zikism–the political thought of Nnamdi Azikiwe– has been there for much longer), it immediately reveals two things viz; the current All Progressives Congress (APC) government’s haste to claim anything no matter how irrelevant and untrue it is, as a marker of its achievement; secondly, the all important fact that the present crop of leaders and their assistants are a bunch of buffoons who unfortunately are as dumb as they come.

Bashir shot himself and his principal on the foot, because in his haste to claim victory, he did not even make out time to read what Wikipedia said about Buharism. Wikipedia, as at the time Mr. Ahmad was gloating had described Buharism as a form of Fascism. That has now been edited out by Buhari’s stooges (you will find at the end of the entry on Wikipedia, the following: “This page was last edited on 8 July 2017, at 14:07”), as Nigerians descended on them, to mock them for not even being smart enough to first read what was said, before celebrating.

However the crux of the matter still remains, which is; “At its root, Buharism represented a return to harsh right wing military dictatorship.”  That was what Mr. President’s Personal Assistant was celebrating! The haste to edit the entry notwithstanding, Nigerians had taken note of that stupidity, something that has become recurrent under this present administration, with many assertions recalled or deemed to have been misunderstood.

Yet, as things continue to go from worse to worst in Nigeria, and the APC continue to show that even amongst itself, it cannot peaceably handle governance (the unnecessary fisticuffs between the Senate and the Executive, both controlled by the same party is a huge shame to governance), Nigerians have become completely aware that the only way the country can move forward is for the APC and everything it represents to be kept as far away as possible from Nigeria. The party apart from being the champion of lies and vindictive campaigns against corruption, has in all its ramifications proven to Nigerians that it is completely clueless and ineffectual.

And to place the APC on notice, Nigerians made a tiny statement with the Osun West Senatorial District elections, where the people voted massively for the very much hated Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), at a place largely considered to be an APC stronghold.

One thing is finally certain, Nigerians have taken note of the fact that the APC was not prepared for governance.It is a party hurriedly put together to sell an alternative path to Nigerians weary of eating only ogbono soup for sixteen years. And as a party hurriedly knocked together by an inexperienced carpenter, its sole purpose was to snatch power. What to do with the power afterwards, was something it never prepared for.

But Nigerians,more awake than ever, have decided that it was time the contraption called APC is dumped in the rubbish bin. Whether the PDP will be able to put its house together to regain control is another story, as the party also looks like its days are over too.

Whether or not there is an alternative on ground is irrelevant for now, as Nigerians have had enough of all the lies, selfishness in governance, disregard for the welfare of the people, flagrant flouting of the constitution, and most importantly, being held to ransom, by the APC. The happenings in the polity are sending strong signals that like the PDP, the APC is dead.