Harvey And Mother Nature: The Contradictions Of The Effeminacy Of Evil

By Ikenga Chronicles August 31, 2017

Harvey And Mother Nature: The Contradictions Of The Effeminacy Of Evil

— Vitus Ozoke

In the wake and aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, I have chosen to revisit one existential contradiction that has agitated my mind for long. Each time any region of the world has suffered colossal pains and losses in the hands of natural forces, I have wondered and asked myself: what is motherly about killer nature? Why do we attribute monstrous and deadly weather events to “Mother Nature”? Since when do mothers become so violent and murderous? When did mothers move from being caring, nurturing, and protecting with maternal instincts to killers and devastators with hurricane, storm, tornado, tsunami, and volcanic weapons? Just what is motherly about death and devastation?

Since when do mothers become so monstrously and uncontrollably powerful? Since when do mothers become so heartlessly evil as to want to wipe away whole nations and cities and communities?

Mothers don’t go to war. How many mothers fought in major catastrophic wars in recorded human history? How many mothers have engaged in terrorist mayhems? How many mothers have ordered and commanded national armies to war? Maybe none! Men and fathers have been responsible for all man-made tragedies in human history. Yet, the one human tragedy beyond the command and control of men and fathers is credited to ‘Mother’ Nature.

Hurricane Harvey offers a new opportunity for a fresh insight into patriarchal tyranny. When organized killings and deaths result from commanded and controlled state orders, usually issued by a gang of Pentagonesque men, it is hailed as the triumph of a great army. Such large scale death and devastation is praised as the heroism and professionalism of four-star generals and battalion commanders – usually, if not always, men.

It’s a patriarchal tyranny with little to no conscience for facts. It’s a tyranny that would trump up and drum up sexist propaganda of weakness against a woman who had been in the war room in favor of a dodger and deferrer with zero military experience. That’s how deeply patriarchal tyranny runs. A patriarchal society would rather welcome the hijack of its democracy by its existential enemy and crown a clueless blowhard than let a woman be the commander-in-chief of its military. It’s a patriarchy that would rather commission a rookie, who has been busy crashing its warships in international waters, than allow a mother into the coveted Oval Office.

‘Mother Nature’ represents patriarchy’s refusal to admit weakness. It is a force beyond its command and control. It’s a force of evil for evil. But the problem patriarchy has with Mother Nature is not that it is a force of evil for evil. No, patriarchy can live with that; after all, patriarchy is inherently evil! The one problem patriarchy has with natural forces, which it has blamed on mother, is that they are not amenable to the command and control of men and fathers. Again, it is not necessarily the evil of nature that bothers the patriarchy; it is it’s apostasy from command and control. And as punishment for nature’s rebellious conduct, patriarchy seeks to delegitimize its force by slapping it with effeminacy – Mother Nature.

If there is no patriarchal conspiracy, how come we don’t describe serene weather as Mother Nature? I have never heard meteorologists invoke Mother Nature in describing a perfect weather day. It is only when dooms and deaths and disasters are in the forecast that mother nature comes to play. What’s up with that?

Here is the irony of it all. The same Republicans who deny climate change, which is responsible for most of these unusual and catastrophic whether events, and who are anti-women, are quick to credit the deaths and devastations of Harvey to mothers. Hello! There is a disconnect. It’s not adding up. The same Republicans who constitute Senate committees to reform women’s reproductive health rights without a single woman (mother) on the committee, are quick to credit women (Mother Nature) with natural deaths and devastations. Come on now!

Since Republicans are climate change deniers, and climate change is responsible for the deaths and devastations resulting from natural elements, isn’t it time to switch from Mother Nature to Republican Nature? It fits just fine, if you ask me. It is the nature of Republicans to inflict death and devastation. They are war mongers; they deny health insurance to people; and they are hellbent on repealing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). They break up families with their heartless immigration policies. Death and devastation, whether man-made or natural, is the Republican Nature, not Mother Nature. Mothers give life; Republicans take it. Mothers are caring and nurturing; Republicans are careless and nauseating.

As climate change deniers, Harvey is Republican Nature at work!