Blood Everywhere

By Ikenga Chronicles August 7, 2017

Blood Everywhere

On Sunday, while Ikenga Chronicles, on its “Africa Roars” section was lamenting about how evil abounds in the world despite the proliferation of religion, the world was thrown into shock by the gruesome massacre at a Catholic church (St. Phillip’s) in Ozubulu, Anambra state. Gunmen were said to have invaded the church and opened fire on innocent congregants. Suddenly, the things Nigerians used to associate with unruly Americans came home to them.

But the Ozubulu incident is not an isolated incident.Rather,it is one in series of incidents that have begun to litter the Nigerian landscape in the past two years.From time to time, Farmers and Herdsmen clash over grazing rights and blood is spilled freely. In the North East the dreaded Boko Haram terrorists continue to mangle flesh and limbs in a growing spate of bloodletting.

What about the South South? Well that home of militancy has finally taken cultism to a whole new level. Everyday in Rivers State for instance,two or three youths are killed in an unprecedented cult war that has seen several heads decapitated and hung at strategic places as messages to rivals.Kidnapping on its part has risen with any and everybody worthy of being kidnapped.

Recently also the deadly Badoo cult group in Lagos has slaughtered many,including an entire family. Many innocents have been caught in the crossfire. Ikorodu(Badoo’s base) is today soaked in blood–both of the innocent,and the guilty.

There is blood in the North; blood in the South East; blood in the South West; and blood in the South South. There is blood everywhere now in Nigeria.

There is something then that has so encouraged this mindless bloodletting currently pervading the country.It is a new form of vampiric desire that may consume this country if the powers that be do not find a way to improve the security situation in the country while also diagnosing the root cause of this unbridled desire to kill and destroy.